Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine, Schmallentine

Valentine's Day is a wonderful day to make art. My granddaughters participate with me in labors of love for this day allowing me to use pictures of them and then they tell me their Valentine sentiments.

This year, the girls seem to not be on the love vibration.  No ballads of love from these girls. Thank you Higher Powers of the Universe! They are sending a different message!

The handshake valentines came from a series of photos I did to illustrate commitment and community for my church's pledge drive. My the small handed model wanted to see these photos re-purposed in a valentine. 

I admit, the pi one was my idea. I mean anyone who can draw a mustache like this on her face is definitely a natural, must be irrational and very important to boot! You have to love a kid like that!

And Buddha, of course, has his bit to say about all this love stuff.

On last year's Valentines, Buddha wasn't as grumpy.

The girls and the goats had plenty to say.

And romance was the purview of roosters and chickens.

The goat girls figured prominently in last year's designs, teaching me much about love in unexpected places.  So does the girl in the heart below.

I take comfort these two goat girls still have each other, and my three granddaughters also have each other, loving parents, grandparents and beyond. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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